Program Focus & Goals

Improve Birth Outcomes - Maternal & Fetal.

Statistics indicate that nearly 49,000 babies die annually in the US between 20 weeks gestation and their first birthday. Every day in the US 2 women will die from pregnancy/childbirth complications & 65 babies will die before reaching their first birthday. With improved prenatal care, education, and pregnancy supports, comprehensive system-wide efforts can improve birth outcomes & enhance the health of mothers and their children across their lifespan. This not only improves birth outcomes, but also reduces medical costs for healthcare providers, insurance companies, and the consumer. 

Reduce Maternal Anxiety - Impact of Prenatal Stress.

Research has shown that maternal stress, anxiety, and/or depression while pregnant increases the risk of her child in developing ADHD, impaired cognitive development, and other emotional problems. Altered brain structure & function of the child has been shown to be associated with prenatal stress. If we want the best outcomes for the children, we need to provide the best emotional care for the pregnant woman. 

Improve Marital Relationships & Family Dynamics.

Studies have shown that couples who experience child loss have an additional 63% increased risk for divorce. Emotional support & education after loss and during a subsequent pregnancy can help couples recognize potential relationship issues and provide resources for support.