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We also want to help connect local families who need financial assistance for burial/headstone. We can help make connect families in other states if we are contacted timely to the infant death.

We are in the process of gearing up Bristol's Buddies, which is a pen pal type program where women who've been trained in Resolve Through Sharing will be linked to current doppler program patients.


A subsequent pregnancy after the loss of a baby can bring forth many feelings & emotions...fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, grief, loss...You may feel guilty for these feelings as you wish to experience joy, excitement, and hope. Know that you are not alone. A PAL (pregnancy after loss) can feel like an emotional roller coaster where you experience ups and downs- even after the birth of a rainbow baby. You may feel alone in that no one can relate to you- people may be excited for your pregnancy and expect you to feel the same, meanwhile you are struggling inside. This journey is yours - no one can tell you how to feel during this pregnancy - and whatever you are experiencing, know that it is ok. You may find it helpful to talk with other mothers facing their own subsequent pregnancy, they can be a source of encouragement & hope. If you do not have a local grief support group, we have listed some online resources that many have found helpful.