Doppler Rentals & Returns

Women must return a completed liability form and submit a Rx or letter from their medical provider requesting use of the doppler. This is in accordance with FDA regulations. We operate off a wait list as needed but are usually able to fulfill requests in a timely manner. We do not send dopplers out prior to 12 weeks gestation due to difficulty locating the heartbeat externally with the doppler device. 

All of our dopplers are FDA approved. They are also under full warranty, so please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We also encourage you to work with your medical provider with any questions you may have about locating the heartbeat. The doppler is intended to used as an additional piece of your medical care.

The only cost to you is return shipping- and the purchase of KY jelly. The KY is recommended by our medical device provider as an alternative to sonic gel. Sometimes I have sonic gel available to send. We also encourage a $25 donation so that we can continue to provide this service.  

We ask that you return the doppler within three weeks post partum so that we can continue our services and keep the wait list to a minimum. The easiest method is a flat rate priority box/envelope from your local post office. 


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